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With springtime right around the corner, there are plenty of reasons to start preparing for your next dinner party. To really *wow* your guests, it's those little details that make the night memorable. We've gathered a few items that will create a cozy and elegant affair sure to inspire your friends and family.

Hors d'oeuvre with style

First things first, welcome your guests to an appetizer tray or charcuterie board to get the evening going. Focus on the season's current fruits and spreads to utilize vibrant colors that will accompany your board. Whichever theme you are going for, there are natural elements that can be added in to create a more harmonious setting. Adding in edible flowers (marigolds, pansies) and rustic foliage throughout your table will instantly enhance any dinner party.

Table Essentials

After you've decided on your color pallete, choose your table cloth and napkins within the same color scheme. To create a rustic atmosphere, use neutral linen napkins and woven placemats and tie in natural pieces like dried fruit or flowers. Once you have decided on your place settings, tuck in dried foliage like olive or rosemary leaves in your napkin rings to elevate the smaller items at your table. For your glassware, use pieces that match your style by choosing between cups with woven detail or a water carafe that coordinates with your vase of choice.

Final Touches

After you've got your basics down for your dinner, the final touches are the items that create an extra element of elegance. Utilize your favorite artisan glass or vase to showcase the current flowers in season. When it comes to table florals, be sure to keep your arrangements beneath eye level.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The final pieces that set the tone for your dinner party are your candles and lighting options. Using modern or brass candle holders throughout your table will help create a whimsical mood for your guests. Stick with a soft scented candle and candlesticks to leave room for all for the delicious smells coming from your kitchen. After a night of entertaining, don't forget to enjoy your company and sit down with a glass of wine!

Article contributed by: Autumn Snyder


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