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With subtle notes of cedar, fir, balsam, and sandalwood, our sophisticated seasonal fragrance lends a little winter warmth to your daily dishwashing, and our signature eco-friendly L’AVANT formula leaves your skin feeling soft and pampered. Your guests will be insisting on lending a helping hand in the kitchen.


Always made with the finest plant-based ingredients, our nontoxic, high performance dish soap cuts through the toughest grease to leave dishes, glassware, pots, and pans sparkling clean. And a little goes a long way!


Our limited-edition Winter Fir offering comes in a gorgeous reusable matte cream glass bottle befitting the specialness of the season. Also available paired with our Winter Fir Natural Hand Soap in our Winter Fir Dish & Hand Soap Duo.


Note:  Mother Nature isn't always crystal clear.  It is normal for our plant-based ingredient formulas to appear cloudy! Rest assured, it will not impact the  performance of our products.

Winter Fir Dish Soap

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