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Woodstock Project Reveal: Primary Suite

It's that time! Our Woodstock project has officially wrapped up, and we are celebrating by sharing the entire Primary Suite.

The Primary Suite occupies the upper level of this tri-level beachside home and offers a feeling of a relaxed beachside sophistication that our client was looking for.

The primary bedroom gets lots of light throughout the day so we added some darker moody elements to ground the space.Give us all the rattan, this Riley bed is a stunner! We offset the bed with these high contrast black lamps. The art was custom made by our amazing oil/acrylic painter out of Georgia. All proceeds she dontates to a local animal shelter...doesn't get better than that!


This glass tile....YES, you heard that, we actually used glass tile. GLASS TILE is a four letter word in our studio, seriously! It works though, like really works. This small print and depth the glass offers was a must. I guess when you step out of your comfort zone, beautiful things happen...even with glass tile!

Thanks for spending some time with us, and keep an eye out for the rest of our Woodstock reveal! In the meantime you can visit us online and on Instagram.



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