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Cereria Mollá Black Orchid & Lily Incense sticks delivers a complex fragrance that captivates with its green notes and its fruits full of naturalness. A spicy combination with a base composed of musk and woody notes has just given an elegant touch to the fragrance.


An explosive combination of spicy and aromatic chords where spices merge with lavender to achieve an extreme and deep mix. Tobacco brings masculinity to the composition. Vanilla softens the tobacco tones in the base and adds a comfortable note to the fragrance. The naturalness of aromatic spices create a deep and warm atmosphere. Velvet Wood, with tobacco and vanilla touches, transports us to a comfortable space that makes us feel at home.


Notes: Lavender, Spices, Tobacco, Vanilla

Scent Family: Spices

Pack of 20, 9" tall insence sticks 

      Velvet Wood, Incense

      SKU: 102143024654
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