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Destined to become a Cult Classic, this is the best organic Body Wash we’ve ever tried, period. Because these luxurious, Castile-based liquid soaps are silky (not watery) like other Castile soaps, we’ve tried.


For best results, use a bath mitt or sea sponge. Start from your neck and work your way down. Safe for sensitive areas. Rinse, pat dry, and immediately follow with a good body oil to seal in vital moisture.


100% Certified Organic and kid-friendly, it’s great for use as a bubble bath, too!

It's thick enough to shave with, leaving your skin silky soft, and both versions smell super sexy/amazing. Just saying.


Australian Rosewood Leaf: A powerful mood booster, this fresh, clean fragrance has a subtle rose base lifted by green, botanical middle notes and a sweet citrus finish. We want to wear it as perfume!

Heals Body Wash, Australian Rosewood Leaf

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