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Relax in style!

Want the perfect way to unwind after a long day? Or treat yourself to little luxuries? We got you covered!

Step One: Set the mood

Getting ready to unwind always starts by pouring yourself your favorite beverage and lighting some candles. The Neroli Blossom candle is the candle you've been missing. It's relaxing, freshly scented with notes of sweet orange blossoms. Changing any atmosphere into a tropical resort.

Don't want an open flame? These beautiful porcelain diffusers are what you need. The Moroccan Peony is an instant favorite. The floral perfume transports you to a luxury spa. As a bonus they're super cute too!

Step Two: Soak it in

Nothing feels better than a nice hot relaxing bath. It helps relax your mind and body. So run yourself a nice hot bath and mix in some Chamomile and Lavender bath salts. Letting the chamomile and lavender ease the stress and stiffness from the day away.

To dry off use the Dash Turkish Towel to wrap yourself in 100% cotton luxury! This super soft and absorbent towel is perfect to wrap up bath time!

Step Three: Silky smooth

Lock in the relaxation and moisturize with our Desert Sage and Ocean Water lotion. It smells refreshing and crisp with notes of desert and black sage, ocean rain and salted sea air. It's easy to get obsessed! This lotion's creamy texture will leave you feeling silky and soothed without the greasy residue. And did we mention it's Vegan!?

Don't like lotions but still want to be silkily hydrated? We recommend the Nina Lafuente love your body oil. Made locally in Santa Barbra in small batches. This body oil is a perfect mix of organic ingredients and infused with Rose Quartz for a little extra love!

Step Four: Slip into something comfortable

Coming home and changing into some fresh PJs after a long day is our kind of lifestyle. They embody relaxation and make you feel at home. We highly recommend the Camila Combo Set . The sweater knit material adds a new level of comfort and style to your at home relaxation!

Not a fan of shorts or sweater knit? We have a set for you too. We suggest the Vacay Vibes Lounge Set . It's light and flowy and its even boujee enough to go on a grocery run in.

An outfit is never complete without some shoes. So slip on some slippers ;) The Vanilla Slider Slipper is our go to. They are so soft and cozy its like walking on clouds.

Step Six: Skim a book

Looking for an interesting pastime read? Rock The Boat by Gestalten is a fun and entertaining book covering different on the water homes. From all across the world. Providing the history and insight into these homes. Perfect for interior design and Nautical lovers alike!

More of a foodie? Or just looking for a recipe for tomorrows dinner? Home Made Basics by Yvette Van Boven is a staple for everyone who loves to cook at home, offering fresh, healthy, and original meals you'll want to make all year round. Not to mention all the pictures of the mouthwatering food!

As a bonus while we are on the topic of going to bed and relaxation. The book Bedtime by Cecelia Forner is a colorful collection of bedrooms from across the world. Ranging from the Royal family, Emperors to luxury hotels! It might even inspire you to sleep like a King.


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