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Have you ever wondered how some coffee tables look so effortlessly sophisticated? Behind every interior designer are techniques and patterns that help curate the perfect accents for our beloved tables. We’re here to help you find just the right items that will make your living room pop.

1. Design by Shape When first styling your table, start with the shape and scale of the space you are working with. If your surface is round you will want to start by adding pieces that contrast your table's curvy nature. You can use square trays, books, and other sculptural objects that lead the eye around the table. Another good rule of thumb for styling round shapes is to keep your objects in groups of three. Stack your favorite books next to flowers or greenery, and then aside a wooden or metal tray.

The same scale of three works for square or rectangle-shaped tables. However, to soften the more structured look of this furniture you will want to add rounded elements. This could be round trays, decorative beads, or your favorite vase.

2. Decorate with Purpose While we want our tables to be as beautiful as possible, we have to consider some space for day to day use. Trays are a great multi-purpose option that will help in providing supplemental room. These add an area for organizing (or hiding) remotes, matches, or decorative coasters.

3. Layering is Key If you don’t know where to begin with your table, start with your largest object first. This could be a vase or taller candle sticks. Utilize your favorite books to layer vases or simply use them for aesthetic display. Decorate around the focal point of your table and add in elements that differ from the material of your table. If your table is glass or metal, adding in a wooden bowl or basket will soften the appearance of your space and create balance.

Article contributed by: Autumn Snyder


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